• TG 500B

    Beltpack transmitter for wireless system TG 500
    • 120 m range
    • Different microphones for speech, singing and instruments available
    • 10 h Battery Operation
    • Battery charging via WA-CD charger possible

    Please refer to country regulations before using.


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    beltpack transmiter TG 500B

    The ergonomically shaped beltpack transmitter with a belt clip convinces in practical use with its low weight of only 85 grams. Settings can be made easily on the receivers and transmitted to the transmitters as quickly and easily as possible via infrared synchronization. The integrated pilot tone function ensures interference-free transmission and warns when the battery is running low. The microphone can be muted using the programmable mute button. 

    A battery life of ten hours guarantees uninterrupted

    operation, even during extended events.


    As an alternative to batteries, the transmitters can also be
    operated using standard NiMH batteries which can be charged
    using the optional WA-CD charging dock without the
    need to remove them from the devices.

    Technical Data

    Singing, Speech, Guitar, String instruments, Wind instruments
    Transmission Type
    article No.
    TG 500B



    MAN_TG500_EN_A4.pdf (2.80 MB)

    Quick Start Guide

    MAN_TG500-QSG_DE-EN-FR-ES-AR_A4.pdf (2.58 MB)

    Info Materials

    FQ_TG500-Freqlist_EN_V1.pdf (418.82 KB)

    Spec Sheet

    DAT_TG500B_EN_A3.pdf (507.89 KB)

    EU Declaration of Conformity

    DEC_TG500_EN_EU.pdf (214.95 KB)

    System Overview

    PLA_TG500_19-03_EN_System-Overview.pdf (1.18 MB)

    System Design

    PLA_TG500_19-03_EN_System-Design.pdf (1.55 MB)

    CAD Drawing

    TG_500B_CAD.zip (1.05 MB)

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